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Goal Zero 19026 Rock Out Solar Kit with Guide 10 Plus

In the box:

(1) Goal Zero 19026 Rock Out Solar Kit with Guide 10 Plus includes:

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel
Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack
Goal Zero Rock Out Rechargeable Speaker
USB to Mini-USB Cord
(4) Rechargeable AA Batteries


Goal Zero’s Goal Zero Rock Out Solar Kit with Guide 10 Plus is the ultimate solution to keeping your handheld electronics charged up anywhere you go.

Keep your power hungry phone juiced and ready for you to use
Power up your tablet for 25% longer
Recharge up the AA or AAA batteries right from the sun
Small and compact enough to carry with you always and power up anywhere
Kit includes:
– Nomad 7 Solar Panel
– Guide 10 Plus battery pack
– Rock Out Rechargeable Speaker
– 4 AA rechargeable batteries
Rock Out Rechargeable Speaker pumps sound from your iPod, phone, laptop and other audio devices through its integrated, high-quality speakers. Rock Out can be used with any device that has an audio output. Since it is a self-powered speaker it runs for 20+ hours without draining your device. Daisy chain multiple Rock Outs together to get even louder.

Works with any device with audio output
Runs for 20+ hours
Weather resistant
Recharge by USB or Nomad 7 Solar Panel
Nomad 7 Solar Panel can be used to charge up your cell phone, GPS and iPods directly using the USB port. It has a built in pocket to store your Guide 10 Plus or cell phone and folds up to be lightweight, compact, and weather resistant.

Charging Options:

GOAL ZERO Guide 10 Plus: 2-4 hour charge time
Cell phone, MP3 player: 1-3 hour charge time
Smart phone, GPS, USB camera: 2-4 hour charge time
Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack stores your power. Also use the Guide 10 Plus to power up your cell phones, Tablets, GPS, iPods, Cameras and really anything that can charge off of the 1 amp USB port. You can also charge up your AA batteries as well through the Guide 10 Plus.

Charging Options:
GOAL ZERO Nomad 7 (solar port): 2-6 hour charge time
Any USB Power Source: 6-10 hour charge time


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